Cristiano Ronaldo has surpassed 800 career goals and is the highest scorer of all time

A flat foot on a cross by Marcus Rashford ensured Manchester United’s victory over Arsenal on a penalty (3-2). On Thursday evening, on the Old Trafford meadow, Cristiano Ronaldo spoke powder again. 800 and 801st. Five times Ballon d’Or, 36, actually surpassed 800 career goals in his 1096th match, whether at club or in the exam. Simply dizzy.

In detail, CR7, who signed his 44th and 45th goals in 2021, scored 130 goals for the Red Devils (including 90 in the Premier League), 5 with Sporting Portugal, 450 with Real Madrid, and 101 under Juventus Turin. And 115 on the national team (he dropped Irani Ali Day and his 109 records).

Although he has not appeared in the top three of the latest Ballon d’Or in ten years (6th), the Portuguese still have good remnants. Continues weekly to chase more records. He also has something that the Cramps can reach, which he can destroy before the holidays. He will be joined by four more goals and former Madrid player Joseph Beacon, the Astro-Czechoslovak striker and the most official goal scorer in history with 805 goals listed between 1931 and 1955.

Stacks the records

Without going into the details of his countless achievements, Ronaldo is particularly fond of the Mr. Champions League, where he is the best player in both team stage and knockout stage (140 goals), most goals in a season (17 2013-2014) or only in three finals (out of the 5 he has won). A goal scorer.

Earlier this week, when he was angry with the organizers of the Ballon d’Or, CR7 explained in a post on Instagram: “The biggest ambition of my career is to win national and international titles for the clubs and nationalities I represent. My country’s team (…) The biggest ambition of my career is to write my name in gold letters in the history of world football. “He’s not done making it shine yet …

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