“Is it hot, am I poutine?”  Then the shock bill

In July, when a hot Record, splurge to hold air conditioner Constantly lit and at a temperature of 16°C. Less than two months later, a nasty surprise arrived…no surprise.

Foreign Aid Ordinance, New Dispute Over Bathing Facilities. From social bonus to help with big bills, all the news

No-vax and air conditioner: “Am I a poutine?”

A double tweet from a “Resto Company” user making the rounds on the web, which posts a lot of “no-vax” and “Green pass” content on Twitter, as well as against Mario Draghi. As she herself explained in her Twitter “biography”, she is also very pro-Russian and a big supporter of Vladimir Putin: “Zeista is full-time.” In the same biography, there are also brick emoji, typical of no-vax, and various flags of Russia. On July 25, 2022, the user showed a picture of their legs, and wrote sarcastically (and with plenty of “satisfied” emoji with sunglasses on): «I’m at 16 degrees. Am I a poutine? ». A clear reference to Mario Draghi’s controversial statement at a press conference: “Do we prefer peace or accommodation?”

bad surprise

A couple of days ago, a tweet arrived from the same user (later deleted). “For the first time in my life, I asked to pay in installments law Project of light. I had paid in June 389 euros. Today came from 788 »- wrote ‘I’m staying still’- ‘I can’t even open the gas to kill myself at what cost. Killers ». Ordinary, considering consumption also reported on Twitter. As the web is almost unforgettable, the two adjacent tweets began to Make the rounds on social pages.Including Blast Scale.

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Reply: I buy cell phones and leave the lights on during the day.

At this point, the woman increases the dose. He posted a tweet explaining: “How you like the famous pro-Ukrainian and leftist bomber. Write a tweet and wait a couple of days. Wait for the percolata and you can laugh again at 16 degrees with the air conditioner.” And again: «Meanwhile, I bought two new mobile phones for you and your son at a modest cost of 500 euros, and with all the courage I kept the flower lamp in broad daylight. Until next time, blastatori from ‘sta cippa’.

“Compared to the previous two months, the bill is about 200 euros more, but it is true that in July and August the heat was unbearable and therefore the air conditioners were working all over the house. Among the 45 euros of TV fee that does not go down for me ”, adds the user Then in response to comments from some followers.

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