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Mars It has, for many years, been of interest to NASA, other scientific institutions, and even space tourism, who were not entirely surprised by the things they found in space. planet redas many of them appear to be signs of extraterrestrial life or at least of some kind and also appear to be signs of minerals and materials indicating the conditions of life in this planet They were different before.

And while the exploration of Mars worries some experts that it could trigger another pandemic if the management of the species there is not taken care of, the truth is that investigations continue and continue to give something to talk about. For example, these strange finds that invite you to think about their origin or purpose.


The Curiosity Rover NASA has been the hero in most of these discoveries. In 2019, he found sediments in planet red It contains sulfate salt in the crater of a volcano, which could mean that planet Once upon a time there were salt lakes around a mountain, in the crater of a volcano called Gale. The presence of these salts is a sign that the crater lake has evaporated from the arid environment Mars. For the same reason, rocks planet To investigate how dry the surface is Marciana.


In the same hole called Gale, it was Curiosity Rover Later, he found some mud remains in an ancient lake probably. This happened when rover He passed through a stone parking lot of some sort and found there a layered rock that could have been carved by wind or water or both. According to the leader of the Mud Research Campaign at Caltech, this speaks of the evolution of the lake environment that was recorded in these rocks and this shows that it was not a static lake, but a step Mars From a wet environment to a dry environment it probably wasn’t linear, but it’s more complex than that.

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Metal residues in different shapes

Curiosity recently discovered a type of flower on Mars that led to speculation and it turned out to be a conglomerate of corrosion-resistant minerals that accumulated in the shape of a flower. Most likely, this flower was inside a rock that had eroded over the years. Furthermore, this Metal Flower wasn’t the first time that A . had been around rover On Mars Mineral remains of strange shapes have been identified, since other investigations have already been carried out on mineral remains in the form of cauliflower and others in the form of a miniature flower, barely a few millimeters across.

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It looks like snoring

NASA has picked up strange sounds that sound like they’re coming from snoring Mars. This was achieved by the seismometer of the Insight probe, which records vibrations planet red.

earthquakes for hours

Using the same technology as the Insight probe, very intense earthquakes have been identified on the surface of Mars…even over an hour. Seismic activity can provide an internal picture of planet and how it was formed.

Star Trek shaped hill

In 2019, NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captured an image of a strange mound on the planet’s surface that resembles the Starfleet symbol, the logo of Star Trek, the space exploration organization for this 60-year fantasy series. This may have been due to a volcanic eruption that threw lava around the dunes, but without covering them.


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