“They no longer know who they are selling to.”

burn Gas subordinate Russia. Since June 17, flames have been rising from the company’s Portovaya compressor station Gazprom, on the border with Finland. The photos come from the coast of Virulahti, which borders Russia’s eastern border, and were published by the local newspaper. Yalla. But confirmation also comes from satellite images from NASA’s Fire Monitoring System.

Putin, the Czar’s latest idea: 100,000 North Korean soldiers in exchange for energy and grain

Russia burns gas, possible causes

Neglect or planned action? Since May, Putin has turned off the gas taps in Helsinki. Like the Baltic states, Poland and Bulgaria, Finland refused to pay for gas in rubles. Immortalized fires at Russian gas stations can indicate difficulties in storing the extracted gas. According to Ukrainian Energy Minister Herman Galushenko, such trials show that Western sanctions are still binding on the Russians. Instead of earning billions of euros in supplies, the Russians are simply forced to burn the extracted gas into the air. Blackmailers already feel the damage and the length of time they can dictate their terms diminishes rapidlyHe wrote on Facebook and added that the West should maintain and strengthen the sanctions regime further.

combustion phenomenon

There could be another reason behind the fires. It is possible that the cause of the fire was the combustion of natural gas in the compressor station. This is ignition: the deliberate and controlled destruction of burning gas by combustion. But there are doubts in this case. According to satellite images from NASA, no fire was detected in the area of ​​​​the Gazprom compressor station near the Finnish border on the coast of the Gulf of Finland before this period.

When is incineration used?

“If, for example, a failure occurs in a LNG plant or a biogas plant, it may be necessary to resort to flaring, for example, to keep the pressure in the gas tank constant,” explains Olga Väisänen, Director of Communications and Responsibility for Gasum Energy. In short, incineration is used in case of problems. But that does not seem to be the case.


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