what pain?  What pain!  The video is funny

The funny video of a gorilla engaging in a dance that ends very badly: plus pain, fear and an incredible reaction.

Gorilla mode (Pixabay) – Ecoo.it

the gorilla In fourth place Among the smartest monkeys: This is revealed by a ranking compiled after research by Duke University in North Carolina. At the top of this ranking we find uncivilized human beingsfollowed closely chimpanzee.

The third stage of the podium it occupies makisaba, the monkey that characterizes the Amazon jungle, so gorillas and sorrel specifically close the top five. If you are interested in knowing who else is “the poorest”, we tell you: it is Dwarf Galagon. What you need to know about monkeys is that some of them know how to get themselves out of really complicated matters.

Gorillas engage in a dance with unexpected results

A gorilla resting (Pixabay) – Ecoo.it

In general, it is believed that i macaques And all those monkeys from Africa or Asia have greater capabilities than those from the New World, that is, those that originated from South America. Although many of these animals, such as gorillas and chimpanzees, come from different lineages, They have an innate ability to befriend each other. But we were talking about the intelligence of these animals.

According to the study conducted by the American University, the intelligence of monkeys is proportional to the measures of certain brain regions: basically, the more developed they are, the more these animals have. Very wise. In short, from a gorilla or at any rate from most apes, we wouldn’t expect it to be behavior which instead had an animal protagonist A video that went viral.

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We are in a zoo and a gorilla is looking around before entering Dance WITH UNEXPECTED RESULTS: In fact, the poor monkey didn’t really seem to notice what was going to happen to her which would actually give her a shock in a few seconds. In fact, the gorilla, in making carousels around itself, ends up affecting it Big wooden pole. At this point, the reaction is first startled, and then frightened.

In fact, as can be seen in the second part of the video, the gorilla, once aware of the nature of the impact, being scared towards a small cave, where the other animals of their kind are stationary and sheltered. In short, it would also be clever, but in this case the gorillas didn’t really seem to prove it: the reaction of those who watched the video was still quite amusing. and yours?


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