The Querdenken deniers are under the direction of German intelligence -

Through our correspondence in Berlin, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, that is, the German Internal Civil Intelligence, decided to put the Querdenken denial movement, and lateral thinking, under surveillance, considering that Anti-democracy And dangerous for the security of the state. From this moment on, movement advocates and groups can be monitored permanently, even through Environmental searches and eavesdroppingWhile more investigations will be conducted of their ties to ultra-nationalist and radical organizations such as the NPD and Reichsbrgers.

The announcement by the Ministry of the Interior confirms the growing concerns of the federal authorities, in the face of a phenomenon that was initially thought to be primarily linked to the epidemic, but now it risks taking root. The Bundesverfassungsschutz actually feared and denied the Querdenken conspiracy theories It grows and spreads even after the threat of the virus has passed. One of the goals that blame the movement, the desire Permanently undermining Trust in state institutions and their representatives. “

Querdenken has already been put on watch By the Civil Service in Baden-Württemberg, The original land of the movement, founded by Michael Balweig in Stuttgart, who was also a candidate for mayor. The movement was the hero of the crowded protests. First in the capital, Baden-Württemberg, then throughout Germany, against the restrictions imposed by the government to confront the spread of the Coronavirus, describing them as harmful to personal freedom and unconstitutional. The most serious thing is that they also find a lot of space in it Conspiracy theories that can be traced back to American conspiracy theories in Qanun, Openly anti-Semitic stances and neo-Nazi parties. Beginning a year ago in Stuttgart, which was regularly marked by violence and arrests, the Querdenken demonstrations took place in Frankfurt, Leipzig, Munich and Berlin, where last August a group of protesters also tried to infiltrate the Reichstag building, the seat of Parliament.

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Ballweg always denied that there was A neo-Nazi root in the movement, Which from his point of view prefers to be a libertarian and transversal galaxy without a clear ideological picture, inspired by the movements that protested against dictatorship in the German Democratic Republic in 1990, under the slogan we are the people, we are the people.

A year of federal agents’ work in the anti-Covid protests convinced German intelligence that Querdenken just wasn’t. Infiltrated by well-known extreme right-wing groups Like the Reichsburgers, but also to be in the presence of something completely new: from conspiracy theories, a unique extremism develops, different but no less dangerous than those known and united before Systematic activities to delegitimize the state.

The Bundeverfassungsschutz also warns of the movement’s internal extremism, indicated by the growing number of violence and calls for the killing of politicians and scholars. They were registered only last year in Berlin 1,000 illegal actions: Breach of security, crimes, resistance to the police, vandalism, personal injury, and arson. Earlier in the week, the Bundeskriminalamt informed political groups in the Bundestag that he had found Death listAnd it contains the names of all the deputies who voted for the new one German infection protection lawThe law, which gave the government new powers to fight the epidemic, was approved by the Bundestag two weeks ago. Since February, the famous Social Democratic Rep and Epidemiologist Karl Lauterbach has been living under guard after the numerous threats he received from Querdenken’s representatives.

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