Extreme tension in northern Kosovo after the killing of a policeman – breaking news

In the Banjska district, the village in northern Kosovo that was the scene of a gunfight last night in which a Kosovar policeman was killed and two others wounded, sporadic gunfire can still be heard, and more clashes between police and criminal gangs. Assumed. Media in Pristina reported that large police units were arriving at the scene, closing sensitive roads and intersections in the area. Entry into Kosovo has been closed at the important Jarinje and Brnijak crossings on the border with Serbia.

Also according to Kosovo media, those responsible for the armed attack on a police patrol took refuge in a Serbian Orthodox monastery in Banjska. Prime Minister Kurti, who accuses Serbian criminal groups and smugglers, called for the Security Council to be convened, while subsequent reactions strongly condemned the attack on the police patrol.

The head of the European EULEX mission, Italian General Giovanni Pietro Barbano, arrived at the site. The head of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), Caroline Ziadeh, and the American and German ambassadors to Pristina, Jeffrey Hoffener and Jörn Rued, condemned the attack on the policemen with harsh words, stressing the importance of ensuring justice for those responsible. There was also condemnation from the leaders of all local political forces, while tension in northern Kosovo quickly began to rise again.

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