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Status: 08/20/2021 9:53 pm.

“Joker” Hendrik Wheaton had his first win of the Hannover 96 in the second Bundesliga. Attacker scored in a fight 1. FC Haydenheim “Reds” 1-0 (0-0) in the 88th minute.

By Hanno Bot

“The relief is huge. We got off to a very bad start. So three points are very important. Especially here at home and when you are not allowed to do anything else. We need a lot of confidence from that draw and how you can win with a self-goal and get a game on stage with a goal in mind. Let’s find out “, The 26-year-old NTR said. However, Wyandotte honestly admitted that not all that shone in the end was gold: “There is still a lot to change. Today one has to highlight it as a small step.”

Audio: Wyandotte 96: Not all good, but plenty (2 min)

Carpenter-Elf Early Aggression

The team of new coach John Zimmerman tried hard from the first second on Friday evening to apologize from their own backlink for the uncomfortable performance of the previous day at SG Dynamo Dresden (0: 2). Home page duels are easy and fast on their feet. Just 120 seconds later, Dominic Kaiser got a free run. The following is somehow a symbol of the previous 96 season: Shortly before the senior wanted to finish, the 32-year-old slipped. Chance is over, but not Hanover’s initial vigor.

“Wake up when you’re red,” it echoed ten minutes later at the World Championships in Mussoorie. The emotional and stormy performance of the home page was much welcomed by their own fans.

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Ducks and Myna were awarded 1-0

After the applause, the Hanoverian was idle. Until just before half-time, the Zimmermann team was able to carry the ball into Haydenheim from time to time, neatly and, above all, carefully. There were a lot of pieces moving forward. The guests left a well-rehearsed feeling and appeared several times dangerously in front of keeper Ron-Robert Zieler. Sometimes they lost a toe to score. Another time, a 96-year-old professional earned himself the degree of Worthamburger.

The tea break was already over because 96 increased the number of back strokes and brought two good chances, thanks to Marvin Dux (41st) and Lyndon Myna (42nd), who were caught by northern rivals Werder Bremen.

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Innocent in Hanover and Haydenheim attack

For the latter, the work day ended with a half-time whistle. Mina was transferred to Sebastian Kerk due to knee problems and introduced a better shot at an acute angle as soon as he restarted. Guest goalkeeper Kevin Mர்ller was well prepared for the bullet and fought in the corner (53rd). This is the last significant opportunity for a long time.

Both teams showed good attitudes from time to time in the attacking game. However, in the end, they lacked concentration and accuracy in the final passes. Exciting scenes in the penalty area, which made the hearts of the singing fans beat faster, were completely lacking.

Marks after “Mchenrchenstürmer” Weydandt changed

Almost everything was already a long ball and Jonas Furanbach pointed to a goalless draw when substitute Wyandotte fell to his feet shortly before the end of the day when he accepted the game. With his left slipper, the attacker, once called a “fairytale storm” from Boulevard due to a meteorite rise, threw the ball into the trap and caused great joy to everyone with “red”.

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Match Day 4, 08/20/2021 6:30 p.m.






Hannover 96:
Zeeler – Muroya, M. Frank, Barner, Tehm – Do Kaiser, Ernst – Myna (46th Kirk), Friends (75th Wyandot), Ochs (90th + 1 Muslija) – Ducks (90th + 2 Bear)

K. M முller – Bush, Hossing, Theorkoff, Furanbach (89th Ridmeller) – Schopenhauer, Burnick, d. Mohr (75th selection), Tomalla (75th P. Schmidt) – Colvetter (66th Leeberts / 89th Simmer), K.


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Coaches John Zimmermann (2nd from right) from Hannover 96 are newcomers Sebastian Kerk (left), Sebastian Ernst (2nd from left) and Sebastian Stoles (right).  AG IMAGO / Joachim Sielski Photo: Joachim Sielski

All arrivals and departures of the six North German second division football teams in the 2021/2022 season, including Werder Bremen, Holstein Kiel, HSV, FC St Bowley, Hanover 96, and Hansa Rostock. Further

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