Olympia 2021: Brazil shows Germany how football won gold

At the start of the Olympic football tournament, the German selection failed. Against Brazil, Stephen Kundz’s came back into the game after the first 45 minutes, but lost 2: 4 (0: 3).

Striker Richardson of Everton, a Premier League club, clarified things with a hat-trick (7th minute, 22nd, 30th) in the first half hour. Nadiam Amiri’s goal gave the German team hope again (56th). After Maximilian Arnold was sent off (62nd), substitute Ragnar Ace was only able to score the next goal (84th). Paulinho clarified everything with a counter-attack (90 + 4).

In the new edition of the final match in Rio de Janeiro 2016, the German team lost on penalties, the Brazilians settled in the German half from the start and the German defensive line was constantly attacked. The current champion’s first promising counter-attack was completed by Matthias Cunha, while Hertha BSc professional failed because of a German goal (5th) due to Florian Mல்லller.

Shortly afterwards, the opening goal fell to Brazil: the very unscrupulous Amos Piper allowed Richardson to escape for the first time. By his first degree, the attacker could not have surpassed Muller, who was in a good mood, but was powerless when it came to the VFP Stuttgart keeper edge (7th).

At this point in the game, the Germans could not free themselves from Brazilian pressure. There were also some personal mistakes like the Pipers who wanted to move the uncontrolled high ball back towards the goal, which gave it to Richardson (15th). First Mல்லller blocked a much-needed opportunity, and then Piper washed his way through a tackle of his mistake.

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The next mistake was made collectively by the TFP team: first, when crossing a cross from the left, no one chose Richardson in the center, leading 2-0 (22nd). A sclenger Richardson, deflected by Piper, landed in the far corner (30th) shortly after for a hat-trick victory.

Mல்லller stands alone and Arnold is thrown off the field

After the 3-0 win, the pressure on the German goal eased a bit. Due to Benjamin Heinrich’s handball, Brazil had a chance to score the fourth goal with a penalty shortly before the break, but Mர்ller scored against Cunha (45th + 2).

After the break, the trend continued for the Brazilians to gradually hand over control of the game to the German team. 1: 3 fell slightly happy: the Brazilian goal (56th) slipped Amiri on a volley foot to score from the bottom right.

Shortly afterwards, Germany were outnumbered: already-warned captain Maximilian Arnold found the yellow-red (62nd) left in the morning against former Brazil star Danny Alves. Nonetheless, the DFP pick caught up when substitute Ace David Ram went from cross to goal (84th). However, this was not enough for a point and instead Paulinho put up the final point.

Unlike Germany, the Olympic football tournament in Brazil has traditionally been a high priority. Although many of the candidates for the games in Japan were not approved by their clubs in Germany, the Brazilians came up with a team of stars and top talent. Seleno won gold and won Group D, in which Ivory Coast previously defeated Saudi Arabia.


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