He lives for rent and his companies are bankrupt.

real or fantasy? Social networks don’t help those who hate scams, but they are perfect terrain for those who want to look different than they really are. As in the case of Luke Desmaris, 27 who defines himself as a millionaire on TikTok and gives paid tips on how to get rich. But who is actually the owner of failed businesses and lives in a rented house, who manages to survive thanks to the money stolen from those who hope to be like him.

They buy a house for half a million pounds, then the shocking discovery: ‘It’s a nightmare’


Recently, the influencer had a discussion about a video that went viral, about a fine being imposed on a banned parking lot in central London. “Those without cash call it a fine, and I call it a VIP car park,” he said, explaining the report submitted for his BMW, which weighs 90,000 pounds. The Daily Mail investigated him and was able to uncover the truth. The £300,000 a month he brags about is a lie, like the two Rolex watches he wears on his wrist or the “million dollar villas” where he claims to live and in which he takes photos and videos for his social channels.

failed companies

Land records reveal that no home was ever owned by him, but that he actually lived on rent and deceived people with fake financial advice. In addition, the tabloid was able to discover that the man was a director of four companies that were dissolved due to bankruptcy, and is currently in charge of a company with active funding of just over £6,000. Meanwhile, Luke Desmaris continues to flaunt fake fortune and sell trading tips, which can be purchased with a subscription of £29.99 a month. On his account now, the relevant authorities will have to investigate.

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