In the European Union Parliament's investigation into corruption in Qatar, a repentant appears

New searches at the seat of the European Parliament – It is precisely on the basis of the penitent’s indications that the Belgian police have launched new searches at the European Parliament, and have also sent agents to Strasbourg. After sifting through some offices, the detectives put the seals on: among others, in the room of Assistant Pd Andrea Cozzolino and Alessandra Moretti. The offices of an official, unit director of the Subcommittee on Human Rights Mychelle Rieu, were also closed, so the investigation also involved the higher bureaucracy of the European Parliament.

The arrival of the first self-commentations – While someone asked for the suspension of all the deputies with the aides concerned, the first self-suspensions arrived: the emergency coordinator Cozzolino, the shadow rapporteur of the Commission on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Piero Bartolo, while the chair of the Commission on Human Rights Maria Arena resigned and Mark Tarabella left the group.

The European Union Parliament dismisses Vice President Kylie Meanwhile, the European Parliament agreed to dismiss Greek MP Eva Kayli from the post of Vice President of the European Parliament. The plenary voted yes by more than two-thirds (625 votes), as expected by Parliament. One against and two abstentions.

Kylie’s lawyer: ‘He’s innocent’ – Kylie’s lawyer assured her that she was getting help He did not accept any “bribe from Qatar”. “His position is that he is innocent. He has nothing to do with Qatari bribes,” Michalis Dimitrakopoulos told the private Greek channel Open TV. Asked if any money had been discovered in Kylie’s home, the lawyer said: “I don’t confirm or deny, there is confidentiality. I have no idea if any money was found or how much it was.”

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