Nepal: Serial Killer Released From Serial Snake – Mundu

French serial killer Charles Soubrage, who committed multiple murders across Asia in the 1970s and inspired the Netflix series The Serpent, will be released in the next few hours and could be flown to France this evening. This was stated by the Nepalese authorities and his lawyer. Imprisoned since 2003 for killing two American tourists, Subraj, 78, will be released on health grounds as per the ruling of Nepal’s Supreme Court. The court also ordered that he be transferred to France within 15 days. “Once they take him to the immigration department, it will be decided what will happen. He has a heart problem, and he wants to be treated at Ganjalal Hospital,” said his lawyer, Gopal Chwakuti Chintan. The serial killer needs open-heart surgery and his release is in line with Nepalese law that allows the release of bedridden prisoners who have already served three-quarters of their sentences. A French national of Vietnamese and Indian descent, Charles Sobrague began traveling the world in the early 1970s and found himself in the Thai capital, Bangkok. As a gem dealer, he befriended his victims, often Western “backpackers” on the trail of 1970s hippies, before drugging, robbing, and killing them.

“The Nepali government wants him back as soon as possible. Sobhraj wants him too. So I have arranged a flight for him with Qatar Airways at 6 pm. The French embassy is bringing him travel documents,” his lawyer told reporters.

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