Who is the new government spokeswoman Olivia Grigore?

The names of members of the new government were announced on Friday afternoon. Alexis Kohler unveiled the government structure of Elizabeth Bourne on Friday, May 20th. So we know the name of the new government spokesman after Gabriel Atal. about this d ‘Olivia Gregory43 Answers.

In 2017, he was elected Vice President under the label La République en Marche in the 12th District of Paris. From July 26, 2020, Olivia Gregory Secretary of State for Social, Cohesive and Responsible Economy Jean Costex with Bruno Le Myre, Minister of Economy in Government.

Prior to his appointment to Percy, he was also the Spokesman for the LaREM Group when he was Vice-Chancellor. Deputy Chairman of the Finance Committee, Chair of the VSEs / SMEs Working Group of LREM Representatives, as well as the Chair of the Special Committee on “Pact” on Organizational Growth and Transformation. She was too Communications Officer on Benjamin Grivox’s campaign team When he was a candidate for the 2020 municipal elections in Paris, he was forced to leave after an intimate video was aired via social networks.

In 2018, during the launch of the yellow underwear, Olivia Grigore said to herself Favorable to the establishment of regional referendums. That same year, the nominee earned the respect of journalists during her love affair with former Prime Minister Manuel Valls.

The beginning of Olivia Gregory

Macronist, pure Parisian, a graduate Degree in History from the University of Paris X.Then graduated Go to science – Emmanuel Macron -, and the same promotion as Essex. He founded a business strategy consulting firm for SMEs and start-ups.

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The new spokesman has long been in contact with the liberal right and the center right, passing through the offices of Matignon and Xavier Bertrand, Minister of Health and Solidarity Jean-Pierre Raffarin, under the leadership of Olivia Gregoire, Jack Chirac.

Sometimes using administrative language, theThe chosen one worked for a long time at “com”, Especially within the Hawass group. In 2017 he defined himself as a “bulldozer” in the press at election time, recalling that he would “never give up”. Experienced unemployment.

Now, as a government spokesman, Hot topics await Olivia Gregory… will be full of events like the pension reform file that need to be addressed this fall.

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