These caterpillars are incredibly similar to Pokemon

Updated: 06/13/2022 – 21:39

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These creatures are incredibly similar to Pokemon

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Pokemon is just a game? It’s funny that there are these real animals that are confusingly similar to Pokemon. (Icon picture)

If you thought that Pokemon did not actually exist, you could be wrong. Because these two crawlers are very reminiscent of a caterpillar.

Pokemon creatures are purely fictional? Can we contact them in-game or only in the form of merchandise? We’ve assumed that so far, but that doesn’t seem quite right. Because a video that surfaced on Twitter shows two live crawlers that look like a popular Pokemon. Look at the two caterpillars!

These caterpillars look like familiar Pokemon

The clip on Twitter is only 21 seconds long, but in less than half a minute, which has already been watched by a million people on the Internet, two small animals appear in one hand, making the hearts of Pokémon fans beat even faster. Because the two located caterpillars are similar to Pokemon caterpillar, which has been around since the first generation of the game. The creepy green specimen on hand looks a lot like a Beetle Pokémon. They both have that chubby green body, as well as a yellow underside and black eyes. This is why the comment on the video might be “real Pokemon”.

As a reminder, this is what a caterpillar pokemon looks like:

But has a real insect version of Pokemon actually been found, or was there another way around that the caterpillar led to the creation of the Pokemon? Quite possibly, because we already know that the Japanese Satoshi Tajiri took the real world animal as inspiration when he invented the world of Pokemon.

These are Pokemon-like creatures, really

So it’s possible that the colored caterpillars are the original and the Pokémon bug the copy. But what is the name of the “first edition”? Papilio troilus is the name of the butterfly species to which they belong and which is native to North America. Unfortunately, it’s not around the corner that you finally see the famous Pokemon live, or at least the insect that gets very close. Pokemon in the game or as a beloved game is much closer to us.

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