Forcada with Tovicioso,

Franco Morpitelli MotoGP returned to the pad this weekend, but not in its usual position. If he was particularly smiling when he entered the Misano circuit on Thursday, not only would he be returning from injury after a long recovery, but summer events would have opened him up. Official Yamaha Group Doors.

This opportunity was unexpected as Fabio Guardarro and Maverick Wiggles were under contract until the end of 2022 before the conflict between the Spaniard and the builder erupted. Morpitelli, meanwhile, guaranteed to have the same specification M1 of factory pilots next year, but it was to retain its place on the satellite board.

After all, this relocation caused the Italian driver to lose his famous chief engineer, Raman Forcada. George Lorenzo was a great asset in the progress of the famous engineer Morpitelli in his titles with Yamaha, he did not stop appreciating his qualities, unique experience and invaluable advice received. From 2019.

For his return to the tournament this weekend, # 21 is associated with Silvano Calpussera. Valentino Rossi, the former chief engineer, has been in charge of the Yamaha test team since last year and joined Vinyl in the spring; So it retains its place in the stand.

When asked about this decision on Thursday, Franco Morpitelli explained: “This weekend and until the end of the season, I’ll be working with Silvano. I really enjoyed working with Ram, I learned a lot with him, but we decided not to regret too much because there are already a lot of changes and movements in this team and another.

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What about next season? At this point, the organization of the technical committees has not been finalized as per the contract, so it is too early to confirm the position occupied by the Spanish engineer in 2022. “We’ll see”, Morpitelli said the door is open for an appointment for next season. Corn Andrea Tovicioso The other direction is very firm. “This year’s team will be the same next year”, A few minutes later when he found the papers he actually announced the Italian pilot.

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Meanwhile, the new Petronas SRT rider, however, can benefit from better advice when he makes his mark with a Yamaha he has not ridden in nine years. Until now, he only encountered the Forcota during his first MotoGP test in Honda in 2004. “Everyone talks well about Ramana. He’s really a champion as an engineer. He has a lot of experience, especially with this bike. He believes.

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