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The mexican national team face his counterpart from States join In search of an almost “miracle” that puts them in the playoffs Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023.

El Tri was one of the favorites, along with the United States and Canada, in championship feminine CONCACAF for Get one of four direct tickets to the World Cup as a citizen As well as the dispute over the place Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Eight national teams, divided into two groups, participate in the CONCACAF World Cup; The best players in each sector qualify for the semi-finals and also receive a ticket to the World Cup. Third place in the group goes to the World Cup qualifiers. The champion also wins his place in the Olympics.

What does the Mexican national team need to go to the World Cup?

The women’s trio, number 26 in the FIFA rankings, made their CONCACAF debut with a loss to them Jamaica (51st place in the world) 0-1 vs Haiti (60th place) 3-0.

This is the first group in the CONCACAF tournament:

  1. United States | 6 points | +8 goal difference
  2. Haiti | 3 points | 0 goal difference
  3. Jamaica | 3 points | -3 goal difference
  4. Mexico | 0 points | -4 goal difference

The Mexican national team practically aspires to achieve a “miracle” against the United States, two-time world champions, to enter the intercontinental qualifiers for the Women’s World Cup.

Mexico need:

  • Beat the USA by the highest goal difference possible.
  • Jamaica and Haiti are not equal.
  • Mexico’s goal difference is greater than the loser between Jamaica and Haiti.
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“There is one per cent chance left, I am stubborn and I trust my team. I know my team and the players. We will go out to fight and compete and tomorrow [hoy] As always here they will ask me to show their faces,” coach Monica Vergara commented at the previous conference.

How is the Women’s World Cup play-off?

Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023 It will be the first in history with 32 teams participating. Therefore, Mexico and all countries of the world now have a better chance of winning a place in the tournament.

The intercontinental qualifiers will have 10 participants and the last three World Cup tickets will be awarded. It will be from February 17-23, 2023 at Waikato Stadiums in Hamilton and North Harbor in Auckland, New Zealand.

When and where do you watch Mexico vs USA?

The Mexican national team and the United States will meet on Monday, July 11th, at the University of Nuevo Leon Stadium.

Mexico vs the United States

  • Date: Monday, July 11, 9:00 pm
  • Connecting: ViX y Star +


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