Chile, centre-left candidate, Gabriel Borek, wins the presidential election.  Register to participate in the poll

victory Gabriel Borek It was straightforward and straight from scrutinizing the first seats. In terms of proportions, the proportion of the young candidate on the left has grown from 26% to 56% and the candidate on the right Jose Antonio Cast From 28 to 44%. TV summaries indicate that the 35-year-old Borek is the youngest elected president in history Chile It is also the president who received the most votes because the voter turnout exceeded 56%.

It sounds a little by European standards, but it is participation that has surpassed what was thought to be a record, namely last year’s referendum on starting the founding process. Borek won because he drove, or brought back to the polls, many Chileans who did not participate in the first round. It is clear that the vote was considered by the electorate as a kind of referendum. Although Jose Antonio Caste has softened the tones as much as possible Right-wing fundamentalist that marked his political rise, yet he was seen as the current heir to Pinochet, a ghost still alive in Chile, and as an enemysocial outburst and the foundational process.

The 35-year-old MP from the Broad Front He was able to mobilize the most movement-oriented sectors But also the moderate center left who want to avoid chaos and destabilization. He won in the metropolitan area and in the Valparaíso region, the most populous in the country, but also increased his votes in the northern and southern regions, neutralizing the full support of the third candidate, Franco BaresiHe presented it at the last minute to Jose Antonio Caste.

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Election day was marked by controversy over the dearth of public transportation in popular neighbourhoods (polling stations in Chile are sometimes too far from where voters live, and absolutely inaccessible on foot). But Borek’s supporters’ fears of votes lost due to the lack of buses were dampened by the first results. Very soon, in genuine concern of corporate etiquette, Caste admitted defeatHe called Borek and went to visit him at the Hotel Fundador. President Sebastian Pinera, who remains in office until March 11, congratulated the winner. But a few minutes later, Borek stepped onto the stage who was optimistic about Alameda. He touched on all issues dear to him, including children, women, working hours, pensions, public health, education, environment, water, human rights and, of course, defending the work of the Constituent Assembly. But he spoke as “the head of all”, who considers the balance of power in the new parliament an opportunity, not a limit, who will establish an open government. Then the party started. Victory was also celebrated in many other arenas.


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