Jocelyn Baguelin remporte le Critérium de Bonchamp 2021.
Jocelyn Pajolin won the Critérium de Bonchamp 2021. (© CDLM)

Three in a row for 53- Masoud. After Tommy Puget and Maxime Pastorel, it’s just like that Jocelyn Pajolin who won the 2021 Critérium de Bonchamp. He leads Maxime Renault (WB-Fybolia Locminé) in the race.

Mathieu Tabori (University of California, Chollet) finished third, ahead of Celestine Guillon (Laval Cyclesme). Tommy Puget (Laval Cyclesism) and Fabien Rondo (Laval Cyclesm) arrived a few seconds late.

“I’m glad I can make it happen”

Mayennais from bill فاThe 22-year-old is raising her arms for the first time this season. “I knew Maxim Renault was going fast. We tried to attack him (Editor’s note: with Celestine Gillon) but we couldn’t get him out. Celestine Gillon drove the car. The Renault was fired, I got stuck in the wheel for a bit and gushed at the last minute. I was turning around (Editor’s note: Eight of the top 10 podiums and podiums to podium this season). I am delighted to be able to make it happen,” describes the winner.

“He’s been very consistent for two months. It’ll do him good,” says Stephen Laurent, athletic director.

In 2019, it took third place. “I was eager to shine as Mayennais. It’s not too far from my house, my family was there. It makes you want to fight more.”

“Laval has mastered it well”

However, Jocelyn Pagolin was not part of the group of eight knights who left the peloton after a few kilometers, unlike the three men who followed him. He followed a ball with Mathieu Taboret before returning to the lead. “Laval has mastered it really well,” admits Matteo Tabori, a former CA Evron resident.

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Celestine Gillon, Maxime Dransart, and Valentin Gillaud were among the leading group of eight riders.
Celestine Gillon, Maxime Dransart, and Valentin Gillaud were among the leading group of eight riders.

Residents of Laval will be at the Sologna d’Etangese Grand Prix between La Verte-Beauharnais and Neuge-sur-Beaufron (Loire-et-Cher), on Saturday, 26 June.

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