Aggiornamenti meteo per la fine di Luglio: possibile break temporalesco

Meteo: The End of the Apocalypse Heat 4800, Now It Can Come True; There is an appointment, we tell you when

Weather update for the end of July: Storm probabilityWhen will this extreme heat end?? A new African fire is sweeping Italy due to the presence of a powerful anticyclone bulge in sub-Saharan Africa, which we call Apocalypse 4800. The 4800 Refers to the extraordinary quota you have reached in the past few days Zero heat, this is the altitude at which 0°C temperatures are recorded in the free atmosphere, which is never high. This means that even at the highest peaks in Europe, such as Mont Blanc (4,809 meters high), ice melts; Since it is the highest peak in the Alps, it goes without saying that all of the Alps are in danger of melting snow.

Outside of normal weather conditions have already been happening for several weeks now with temperatures well above average weather and no rain: in short, climate is just an exaggeration and you are many who ask: But it will end?
Something will move towards that by the end of the month. This is the most important news Which emerges from the latest updates: the cause will be a new incursion from Northern Europe and capable of causing storm breaking for a part of our country.

If we analyze the general overall framework of the Old Continent, we can see how at higher latitudes, roughly between Greenland and Iceland, there Large areas are filled with low pressure (hurricanes) cold and unstable air Of polar origin: the hypothesis is that a portion of these new currents may fall in latitude, forcing the anticyclone to retreat, at least temporarily, toward its original territory.
It could be created on a European chessboard areas of convergence Where these important meteorological figures interact, which can arise from their discrepancy extreme weather events (hailstorms, thunderstorms, tornadoes), and recent news sadly reminds us, too.

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According to the latest updates, the dates that will be marked with a red circle are those of 25And the 26 and 27 July. Specifically during the last days of the month, in fact, we do not rule out a strong possibility My timeespecially Al north. Attention because due to the large amount of energy involved (moisture and heat in the lower layers of the atmosphere that were previously carried by an anticyclone) and the strong contrasts between completely different air masses, ideal conditions would be created for the development of superstorm cells that could be released locally Strong winds and hailstormsAnd the ScarcelyAnd the tornado.

Obviously, given the temporal distance and uncertainties regarding the trajectory of the turbulent currents, this is first direction Pliers must be taken, and we are already saying that now. Also, even if he did, he definitely doesn’t seem to be able to deliver a very strong blow to the oppressive heat for sure Not a final blow.
Actually it will only be a file storm breakingamong other things is limited to some areas.
We will update you.

Possible storm from July 25, 26 and 27Possible storm from July 25, 26 and 27


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