Did the catchy Apocalypse on TV miss action?  The only real version is running somewhere else anyway

At midnight, ProSieben showed a stubborn action film with an apocalyptic structure. However, the alternative cut version can only be found online and in the home cinema version.

Definitely due to escaping the Oscars Will Smith Just headlines. Almost daily media coverage of the effects on the 53-year-old actor, including the upcoming results of his upcoming productions “Bad Boys 4” and the Netflix project “Fast & Loose”. ProSieben, on the other hand, showed one on April 8, 2022 Best Picture by Will Smith.

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With “I’m Legend” Director Francis Lawrence brought the play of a stubborn period to the big screen, grossing over $ 585 million. The film is based on Richard Matson’s novel “I Am Legend” by Dr. Virologist. In deserted New York, Robert Neville (Will Smith) tries to find a cure for the virus that turns humans into barbarians. He is accompanied only by a shepherd dog named Samantha on his side.

ProSieben April 10 at 10:35 pm showed the devastating scene. The film is 100 minutes long and is FSK approved for 16 year olds and over. If you missed the actor’s slanderous act at the Oscars 2022, we explain in our video exactly what happened at that place:

Oscars 2022: Will Smith caused a scandal

An alternative version of “I Am Legend”

ProSieben only showed them anyway Standard version From I Am Legend. Blu-ray included Alternative version, The outcome differs significantly from the theatrical version. This original ending, which is very close to the original book, further clarifies the message behind the title and is therefore considered by many to be the best, eventually replaced with a relatively more regular ending due to the end of the movie studio. You can also see the alternative result Web light See.

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In addition, another film was once planned, which will act as a prelude and deal with the events leading up to the virus outbreak. However, the plans were later scrapped and a sequel was planned instead of a precedent. However, there were repeated delays here as well. But recently it was reported that the project is being implemented, but with the current headlines surrounding Will Smith, the chances of “I Am Legend 2” in the future are slim.

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