All Star Perche : des concours au sommet de la parité, ce samedi soir, à la Maison des Sports de Clermont

Passion and monotony will never train together…the first to be made from the DNA of the All Star Perch compound. Which every year plunges into the heat of the event, striving for the best, and re-proposes summits.

Beyond time movements, moves, injuries and other absences. Last November, for example, Mundo Duplantes confirmed his participation in Birmingham, the men’s competition across the channel, on Saturday.

excellent All-Star Birch, This Saturday: Six Years of Passion, One Passion

“Unfortunately,” noted Renaud Lavillenie, opposed to his construction of Clermont’s dense, masculine plateau, and even more shimmering, its feminine counterpart. Until a balance of interest is formed that deals with parity. Somehow, between feisty boys and high-performance girls.

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Olympic champion Kate Ngot and her runner-up in Tokyo, Anzelika Sidorova.

The jumper parallel to the eastern stand, the shortest (40 meters, 9 less than the men), has already made people dream in the past. In February 2018, in particular, during the American-Russian fencing Katie Ngot – Anzelika Sidorova. She raised her native Ohio to 4.86 meters in two jumps, setting her name on the record, ahead of the Muscovite and her three attempts. There have been medals around the duo’s neck since then. The two stars return to the Maison des Sports wearing Olympic laurel stones, gold from Tokyo for Nagot, silver for Sidorova.

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excellent All-Star Birch: Elena Gialorachis, student of Philippe de Encos, has a cold head and a good shoulder

More fragrances were revisited, on the rise, Thursday night at Levine. In the comfortable ASM bus that brought everyone from the northern meeting on Friday, the Russian achieved success at 4.85 meters, ahead of the 4.80 meters of the American and Belarusian Jukes. A mass shooting makes possible, on Saturday evening, Renaud Lavillenie’s project for a new MPM, sustaining the idea of ​​a 5m bar, close to the Suhr indoor world record (5.03m).

Practical information

program. 10 a.m.: Regional Tour of the Elite Pole Vault; 12:30 p.m.: National Tour Elite Pole Vault; 6:30 p.m.: Doors open; 8:30 pm: International competition.
the tickets. – Western entrance from 10 am to 8:30 pm.
Re-transmitter. Live on L.a team channel (21 h 10).
drinks. Open on the east and west stands, with the possibility to eat and drink.

The meeting manager has other ambitions on the part of the men. A plateau where he, the athlete, can count on Australian Curtis Marshall to climb the bars and Dutchman Mino Flon, his dolphin on the court (5.96m), to fight for victory. Far away, in fact, in the reinforcements he would look for with only one competition on the counter.

excellent All Star Perche, Seventh Edition in Clermont-Ferrand: The Joy of Homecoming (Sport) by Renaud Lavillenie

Despite returning to the Tourcoing jumpers, on February 2, Clermontois delivered a nice surprise at 5.81 metres. The first mark, on 16 steps, without pain in the back. Momentum is expected to pass, this Saturday evening. Twenty steps, a longer pole (5.10m), an experience like no other and this inexhaustible passion. “All stars are chance,” he said, thinking of both worlds. “My goal? Go 5.90m. Why not go more if she wants to smile?”

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bar rises:
woman: 4.30m, 4.45m, 4.55m, 4.65m, 4.75m, 4.81m, 4.87m, 4.93m, 4.99m, 5.04m.
men: 5.41m, 5.51m, 5.61m, 5.71m, 5.81m, 5.87m, 5.92m, 5.97m, 6.02m, 6.07m.

Participants list:

Chinese men. Renault Lavillenie (Clermont Auvergne Athletics), 6.16m; Curtis Marshall (Australia), 5.87 m tall; Mino Flon (PB), 5.96 m; Valentine Lavillenie (California), 5.82 m; Emmanuel Karalis (Greece) 5.81 m; Ethan Cormon (Maisons Alfort), 5.80 m; Matteo Collette (Grenoble) 5.74 m; Alioune Seni (Montroy): 5.74 m; Tibo Collet (Grenoble), 5.72 m; Baptiste Terry (JF), 5.64 AD.
Women’s tray. Anzhelika Sidorova (Russia), 5.01 m; Katie Nugget (USA), 4.95 m; Angelica Mosser (south) 4.75 m; Irina Jok (pied), 4.80 m; Tina Sutig (Slow), 4.76 m; Polina Knoroz (Russia), 4.75 m; Ninon Chapelle (Serge Pontoise), 4.75 m; Margot Schefferer (Nice, California), 4.54 m; Elina Giallurachis (Marseille), 4.44 AD

Francis Laporte


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