Mario Party Superstars gets its first update of 2022, patch notes released

Mario Party Superstars It was released on the Nintendo Switch back in October. The game got its one day patch, but hasn’t received anything since. This is unusual these days, but a new update is now live, bringing the game to version 1.1.1. Unfortunately, there’s nothing very significant in this update, but it does include a number of bug fixes for a handful of smaller games, as well as some improvements to online features. We hope that these changes will lead to a more enjoyable experience for players! Nintendo’s full patch notes Official Website It can be found below:

Version 1.1.1 (released March 22, 2022)

  • Connected

    • Fixed an issue where the game could not move forward when viewing mini-game ratings in Data House.
    • Changes have been made to the game feature where the session ends immediately when the B button is pressed while in Village Square after joining players via the Friend House. A message will now be displayed asking if you want to end the session.
  • general

    • Fixed an issue where the mini-game would not finish when playing Ice-Rink Risk, Dizzy Dancing, Catch You Letter, or Cheep Cheep Chase.
    • Fixed an issue in the Stick and Spin mini-game where the game movement gets slower as the high score increases and the game ends with force.
    • Other issues have been fixed to improve the overall gaming experience.
  • For those who are not familiar Mario Party SuperstarsThe game features boards of the original Nintendo 64 entries, as well as mini-games covering the history of the series. For longtime Mario Party fans, the game has proven to be a welcome blast from the past, but fans were hoping to see more classic content released as DLC. At this time, Nintendo hasn’t made any announcements about the additional content for the title, but today’s update shows that the company hasn’t completely forgotten about the game. For now, you can check out all our past coverage of Mario Party Superstarsincluding our review, here.

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