Black Desert Online aumenta en un 165% el número de nuevos jugadores

abyss pearl It was announced Black Desert Online The number of new players around the world has increased, reaching more than 40 million logins per dayAll thanks to new content updates, seasonal servers and promotions within the play store, which generated an overall increase of 165% worldwide.

As of December 22, 2021, 17 of the 23 chapters are currently available in Black Desert Online It has been rebooted and enriched with various improvements Like new abilities and damage factors. New options have also been added to the basic look of these categories to highlight the transition to the next level. Although many of the improvements are category dependent, they will make the replayed chapters more powerful and fun. Additionally, adventurers who enjoy PvP will be happy to know that the overall balance of the game has also been improved.

To celebrate this event, all you have to do is 1 Unstable Marni fuel When copying objects up February 2. The Duplicate Item feature will allow you to test your chosen character using your main character’s equipment. Adventurers can also take personality tests to see which class is best for them, which will help them earn special rewards.

for help New players are easily used to a world black desert New adventurers will get a number of rewards available to them. In addition, guild members can solve new quests and receive special rewards based on the size of their guild. Startup Bonuses The session will also be great because it includes crown stones s Advice from Falk. Also, if you use private servers for the winter season, you can quickly grow your characters to experience all the new improvements.

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