Fortnite: Where do you put a bioscanner in an alien ecosystem?

Want to know where to place biometric scanners in the Fortnite aliens ecosystem? The latest season of Fortnite brings a host of space technologies to the game. From nano-aliens creating low-gravity zones to unidentified flying objects and powerful weapons, these items are extremely powerful and can easily change the tide of battle. In order to effectively harness this power, this challenge aims to study local alien technology using bioscanners.

The exotic ecosystems that the challenge refers to are located in Holly Hatchery. While players can deploy their own alien biomes using space nanos, these areas are only temporary. Holly Hatchery’s exotic biomes seem permanent, which means she won’t suddenly lose her weightless abilities. Some of the other challenges this week include hacker websites, spy investigation websites, and where to find a detector to disable a strange display panel.

For bioscanners, you don’t need to find anything before attempting this task. Simply head over to Holly Hatchery and head over to the sites below. To make things easier, though, there are multiple locations to place biometric scanners, you only need to select one.

Bioscanner sites in the foreign ecosystem

There are four Fortnite alien ecosystem biological survey sites in total. You only need to place one to complete the challenge. To find them, head to Holly Hatchery, and at each location you should be able to find blue charts, indicating where to place the bioscanners.

Here are all the biometric survey sites for Fortnite’s alien ecosystem:

  • Find the gray house towards the south side of the map. Jump over the fence in front to find the location of the scanner
  • There is a house in the northeast with a garage in the front. Go through the garage door to find cat food boxes. The location of the biometric scanner should be close to the entrance to the garage door
  • In the center of the map is a brick-colored brick building with flowers drawn on the gray side of the wall. Go down by strange trees to find a bioscanner near the metal racks
  • A blue house can also be found in the center of the map. Head to the main entrance near the big strange tree to find the final location of the bioscanner
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That’s all you need to put bioscanners into an exotic ecosystem in Fortnite. Did you take a look at the new Fortnite skins for this season? Complete the Battle Pass to unlock classic skins like Rick Sanchez from Rick, Morty, Gojimon and the Kymera space skin. If you collect enough alien artifacts from Fortnite, you can customize your Kymera skin to be completely different from anyone on the battlefield.


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