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Google took a very important step just a few weeks ago when it He decided to open his hand and allow the entire workspace system access to Gmail From non-professional and educational accounts, so that any of us, without a subscription, can access certain benefits like getting unlimited minutes on Google Meet calls.

This caused the people of Mountain View to relax their hair and focus Some of the latest updates to make our video calls even more fun by Meet. Proof of this is what happened in the last few hours when Americans began to include a whole bunch of effects, filters and augmented reality effects that we can use in real time.

Filters, colors, textures and… masks!

The point is that Google Meet just introduced apps For iOS and Android devices a new series of controls We can adjust it in the middle of the call which allows the user to make each call more enjoyable. Not only because you can change the brightness or contrast, or the background and color, but because it will be possible to apply all kinds of effects such as black and white, lens glow or masks to avoid being recognized by anyone. As you can see above, How to access these changes through a control Bottom right of the screen, where touch displays all available functions.

Among the catalog of strange creatures that we can transform into are Masks of dogs, cats, purple elephants and dinosaurs And a more comprehensive list that you can discover once the update reaches your Gmail account. Of course, with this movement, it seems clear that they are from Google forever ruling their Duo app, which already has many such effects among its library of possibilities that can be used during a conversation.

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As always with Google updates about Workspace, It has already been released and will reach smart phones gradually, Within a maximum period of always up to 15 days. We’ll see, however, if those expectations are met to begin adding to the joy and ease of video calling that has become in the past year. Our daily bread With family, friends and co-workers.


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