Helene Fisher is said to be pregnant: Insider reveals details

Helene Fisher is said to be pregnant.

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This is the best baby surprise of the year: Bob Queen Helene Fisher is said to be pregnant! This is reported by “Bildall”, which refers to “the singer’s very tight environment”.

“Helene is in her fourth month and the baby should be born in February or March. The whole family is happy,” said Helene Fisher’s friend.Picture“The baby is a complete dream baby and crowned Helene and her boyfriend Thomas Seattle

Cancel “Hellen Fisher Show” due to baby news?

It will also be clear why Helene Fisher’s popular Christmas show on ZDF was canceled again this year. The broadcaster justified the cancellation of the “Helen Fisher Show” in connection with Watson “with restrictions still valid for such large public events”. Pregnancy will definitely be a believable explanation, after all, the singer will be seven months pregnant during the show on December 25th.

However, what makes you skeptical: Schlazerkin will return to the stage in the summer. On August 20, a few months after his birth, he will play a large open-air concert in Munich in front of 150,000 spectators.

Anyone who has already seen the Helen Fisher concert knows that it is almost like an acrobatic masterpiece. This seems almost impossible after childbirth.

Helene Fisher did not confirm the pregnancy rumors

The singer herself did not confirm the pregnancy rumors. But as “Built” continues to report, Helen also asks “Wet, Das ..?” Will be a guest on the Renaissance. It will take place on November 6 and will be managed by Thomas Kotzal and Michelle Hansiger. At that point, fans will see the singer’s baby bombshell – no.

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