Werter Bremen Tactical Analysis: Lots of risk!  What makes Ole Werner different!
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Start a tailor! Ole Werner isolated the opponent’s weaknesses in his first game as coach. Erzgebirge Aue has no chance – Bremen defends uncompromisingly, says our tactical columnist Tobias Escher.

Marcus starts yesterday. Now it should be about the game back in Bremen. This was the message of Ole Werner when he took over as the new Werder coach. He will like it Werter Bremen Not only will we play successfully, we will also play attractive football. Already in his debut game Erzgebirge Aue You saw some common tactical ideas of a former hinge trainer.

Taken on paper Ole Werner No major changes. Werder started in a 5-3-2 formation. His predecessor and interim coach Daniel Zhenkovich had already used this design. Interim coach Christian Brand was the only one to step down from the 5-3-2 with a 4-4-2 pattern last week – immediately receiving condemnation from Nicholas Fulkrook for not liking tactics. Werder’s attackers were delighted to be supported by a five-man chain as part of a two-person storm.

Werter Bremen Tactical Analysis Against Erzgebirge Aue: Old 5-3-2 System, New Game Style

The formation may have been the same as in previous games. However, the style of play is greatly different. Was in the attacking game Werter Bremen Focuses more on going between opposite lines with flat passes. Full-backs were pushed upwards as the eights presented themselves at half-time.

Werder will have four behind this way Erzgebirge Aue Bust. These were defended 4-4-2. Romano Schmidt and Leonardo Pittencourt positioned themselves between the opposing winger and the sixer. To defend Bittencourt and Schmid, the opposing winger went inside. This opened up gaps in the wings for Werder’s entire back. With the Aue half-openers open, Bittencourt and Schmid got the ball in a good position.Bremen’s ground plan was more consistent for attack than the last few weeks.

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The graphic shows how Werter Bremen caught up with Erskabirz Ayu in the middle: Pittencourt and Schmidt positioned themselves so that the spirit ran into the winger’s center. That paved the way for Werder’s full-back.

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Analysis of Werder Bremen Strategies against Erzgebirge Aue: High Risk Tolerance – Attack and Defensive

Werter Bremen These good attitudes often went down in the opposite half. Marvin Dux was always busy and the striker supported his colleagues on the wings. This is where most of the improvements come from. The whole backs were dragging to the base. Dare to file in the back room there. The ball does not always reach a teammate. However, these dangerous, flat passes caused repeated chaos in the opposing penalty area.

In principle, Werder showed greater willingness to take risks. This only applies to push-in passes on the wing or flat passes into the penalty area. Defended in defense as well Werter Bremen Bold forward. Christian Cross was the only sixer to repeatedly disrupt the opposing sixes in the structure of the game. Usually he was superior to Schmidt and Pittencourt.

There was a hole in front of the defense as the cross went out. This is a zone that does not really like a group break; From here the enemy can easily launch attacks. Werder still chose this dangerous path because it suited their enemy: Erzgebirge Aue They only occupied the space in front of Werder’s defense 4-4-2 with a falling striker. Werder’s guards followed them at every turn – thus closing the area in front of the defense when a striker fell. Omar particularly impressed with his time when Dobrok was out, but Milos Welzkovic and Marco Fried also won several balls.

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Werder Bremen Tactical Analysis Against Erzgebirge Aue: Dream Goals Make OIe Werner Easier

Werner’s introduction was facilitated by the fact that Werder had not only one, but two Dream goals Scored. Schmidt circled the ball into the corner of the goal in the seventh minute and scored in the 19th minute. Milos Veljkovic is a scorpion-kick.

To Werter Bremen The early 2-0 presence had the pleasant side effect that they could reduce their own risk. Especially in possession of the ball, they were very brave in the quarter hour and defended some balls without retreating. Due to multiple ball losses, the ball possession ratio was equal to 2-0. From the 25th minute, Werder kept the ball running longer in their own order. Since then, the value has risen to sixty percent.

Werder Bremen in Tactical Analysis: Ole Werner lets play dangerously, but Erzburg makes life easier for Werder

Of course you can Werter Bremen Do not control the volume constantly. Dangerous forward defense is when a ball slips. At the same time, Werder has always been extremely dangerous because they are structurally superior to their opponents. Again Schmidt and Pittencourt were able to start good chances from half-place. So Werder raised the score to 4-0.

Perfect introduction Ole Werner Shows what is possible in Bremen. Sometimes Werder was already happy to join, which made the Werner key so unique. At the same time, however, Werder encountered an opponent who was clearly inferior that evening. No opponent can make it easy for Werder to break the wings. Werner must now prove that it can also expose the weaknesses of other second-tier clubs. Soon those in Bremen will only talk about the game.

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