esplosione vulcano fango mar caspio

Strong explosion shook area Caspian sea, where is theAzerbaijan It has extensive offshore oil and gas fields.
The origin of the event, which sent a plume of fire into the sky late Sunday night, was not immediately determined, but state oil company SOCAR said that based on preliminary information, it was mud volcano. SOCAR said none of its platforms were affected by the explosion.

The Caspian Sea has a high content of mud volcanoes, which also emit flammable gases.
The Azerbaijan News Agency quoted SOCAR spokesman Ibrahim Akhmetov as saying that the explosion occurred about 10 km from the Umid gas field, 75 km off the coast of the capital Baku.

Mark Tingay, a mud volcano expert and assistant professor at the University of Adelaide in Australia, said the eruption “It must have been caused by a mud volcano“This position”Fits almostTo a mud volcano called Makarov Bank, which exploded in 1958, to generate A pillar of flame 500-600 meters high and 150 meters wide.
the country hashundreds“Mud volcanoes generate a quarter of violent volcanic eruptions,” Tinghai said.

There is no certainty as to what caused this type of mud volcano eruption, but the most likely theory is that the rocks and boulders thrown during the eruption could collide with each other, causing a spark that ignites the gas.

Azerbaijan is known as “Tierra del Fuego” due to its underground reserves of oil and natural gas.

A powerful eruption in the Caspian Sea was caused by a mud volcano [VIDEO]

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A powerful explosion rocks the Caspian Sea region, and a column of flames rises at night [VIDEO]


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