Sentence Tajada, Benny: “The Meloni government is among the strongest in Europe”

Is chameleon the right word for Georgia Meloni seen this year? With this question, Luca Sabino and Alessio Orsinger, hosts of the Tagadà program on La7, open the discussion with Agnese Bini, director of Quotidiano Nazionale, guest of the December 28 episode of the talk show: “It is true to the extent that there is a Melonian difference from the person we knew before he became president For Ministers. It is also true that in a role of this kind you have assumed an institutional role and, above all, the most important results must be attributed to the way in which Meloni has confronted and established alliances and relations with the most important international partners. The Meloni government is currently one of the most powerful governments in Europe. Macron is being installed by Le Pen, by Schulz who is being challenged by his allies, and by Sánchez who is holding himself together with great difficulty, in short, in a context of highly uncertain leadership in a Europe approaching June elections, and Meloni and his government. Certainly go there with the strongest leadership. It has built a checkered credibility in this sense, because in the years of opposition and hard, pure struggle, its relations with Europe and with other international allies have become more distorted.

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“In my opinion – Benny continues in his analysis of the center-right government – the statements that punished the Meloni government the most this year were the reform plan. You arrived a year and a half ago saying that the state should not punish those who want to do things, and therefore propose to yourself a government that will have a great influence on the lightness of the state, its simplification, the fight against bureaucracy, “concerning the efficiency of public administration, the question of taxation and the relations between citizens and taxation.” The government has taken little action on all these issues.”

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