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Former Prime Minister: I may have removed all the differences with him from my head

“Search for me de Benedetti I really lost it. I don’t think he has anything against me for sure I have nothing against him. Indeed, I say to him: In the last days when he was released interview with courier In RussiaI had had Much appreciate the content I sought him to tell him.”

For some we faceafter another chapter Who is the oldest? Sibling clashes In the political-economic-ideological triangle of the Italian left. For someone directly involved, this is Massimo D’Alema“There’s really no Nothing more than a normal relationship, with ups and downs. Even if, oh my god, I don’t want any form psychoanalytic reaction
unknown to me Which helped to remove from my head the times in my life when I quarreled with De Benedetti … ». Then there’s the other, engineer Carlo de Benedetti, editor for decades RepublicToday’s newspaper owner tomorrow.

right in folds‘Investigation subordinate tomorrow On the relations between Eni and Blue Power Francesco Nites, an investment by the latter inThe winery of the Dalima family. The former Prime Minister reacted badly, “Let’s just say I broke my cog…that is, what the suit is, because if someone specifies that I made a hand to someone in a dispute with Eni, that person is presumably invested in the business of My children to return the favor to me, do it later, not sooner. But not only me, reason should also sue….” In any case, he said this in answer to tomorrowQuote idea from engineer de Benedetti Zellini“.

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Whether they find themselves sooner or later against each other in the courtroom Does not seem to. And it is no coincidence that the two, among the legal papers of lawyers and the owner of bloody rhetorical controversies, systematically chose the latter. In 2017, Aldo Katsulo gave an interview to courier
De Benedetti dismisses Dalemian’s choice to launch Leu’s list as “ridiculous”. And other responses:De Benedetti? I haven’t read it. He’s an author that I don’t care about, say, I don’t deal with insider trading… ». The reference, not over-blocking, was to the confidence he gaveThen Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to the engineer in January 2015 the imminent launch of the decree on cooperative banks; An indication that the latter had been sent to his moderator, which led to Consob’s intervention which was resolved, however, by archiving.

The previous round took place Seven years ago in May 2010. In a written interview with Paolo Guzzanti, De Benedetti accuses D’Alema of “killing the Democratic Party” and “being involved in politics only in his life, that is, nothing.” The other reacts poorly, without even giving the engineer the honor of quoting: «They are also in our field Many businessmen who want to be left-wing Berlusconiwho want to influence politics. But they are a second-class Berlusconi, Berlusconi … ».

Pictures of Ansar H Supporting actors for a quarter-century of the Italian center-left They turn yellow every day. However, they resist. D’Alema left the PCI-PDS-DS-PD subgroup to found a new, albeit smaller party; De Benedetti had left orbit Republic To pursue a romantic – at least in a way – the same North Star in the press. Friends and critics both think the two are the same. And many alike always generate disputes over which there is no final whistle. Mostly not.

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