Weather: A strong thermal anomaly over the North Atlantic tends to soften

There is a very important anomaly right now on Earth’s surface. It is, in fact, the striking thermal anomaly in the North Atlantic, particularly in the eastern regions, where the waters, between North Africa and the British Isles, in recent weeks, have reached temperatures up to +5°C anomalies Off Ireland and off the French coast.

An anomaly not seen before, at least since then There are satellite surveys Since 1979.

This has resulted in North Atlantic temperatures having a mean anomaly + 1.2 ° C and later around June 19-20, which is also the value of this It is brand new Since these anomalies have been counted over the past 40 years and beyond.

There have been questions about the causes for a long time, from rapid global warming, to the presence of an emerging El Niño involving warming seas in general, to lower sulfur emissions from ocean-going ships whose particles reflect solar radiation over the sea surface. the sea.

Now a more important hypothesis has been made: Weakness of the presence of the Azores hurricanewhich this year settled further north than usual, around the British Isles.

However, strong sunlight over these regions will further warm ocean surface waters Weakening of the trade winds over the subtropical zonewhich makes mixing with surface waters rare, causing them to get hotter than normal.

The location of the anticyclone is usually concentrated in the Azores It causes strong northeasterly trade winds Along the sea off North Africa, which mixes the surface of the waters, rather with a northern anti-cyclone position, the trade winds blow this year he was not there.

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However, in the past few days, the presence of cooler northwest currents has replaced the anticyclone over western Europe, and North Atlantic temperatures are rapidly decreasing (currently to + 0.685 ° C).


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