If you are one of the millions of Americans who now gamble online, it is likely that a game of roulette has already caught your attention. After all, the top online casino platforms all offer extensive online roulette, including high-tech livestream roulette where you can play with a real croupier and a real wheel from the comfort of your home.

While roulette is, at its heart, one of the simplest casino games, that does not mean that you should not take a moment to prepare before you play. Roulette is a game of luck – spin the wheel and the rest is up to fate. However, if you come to the table prepared, you have a much better chance of stretching your bankroll further. Here are our beginner tips for playing online roulette.

Know your variant

The first and most important rule in online roulette is to know your roulette variants. As this introduction to online roulette games at Paddy Power casino explains, the two main variants of roulette are American roulette and European roulette. The version you pick will affect your chances of success. The American roulette wheel has a higher house edge, thanks to the addition of an extra “zero” pocket on the wheel. This means that your chances of winning any spin on an American roulette wheel are lower than on a European wheel. Keep this in mind when choosing online roulette games.

Bet wisely

In online roulette, not all bets are created equal. While the most common bet that we see in movies is the “putting it all on one number” bet, this is not always the best way to proceed. Yes, the potential payout is highest with this one, but the odds of winning are the lowest. You can opt for a so-called “even money bet” such as red-black or odd-even, which offers 1:1 odds of success, but lower payouts. You could go halfway between and opt for a street bet or a dozens bet, which offers higher payouts than even money bets and a better chance at winning than an all-on-one bet.

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Live or digital?

Your next step will be to decide whether to play livestream roulette or digital roulette against an AI. For this, the choice really depends on what you want from your online roulette experience. With live roulette, you replicate the Las Vegas experience, since you are connected to a live dealer and a real roulette wheel via a live video uplink. This is also the more social form of online roulette. If you’re less of a social gamer, classic digital roulette might be the better option for you. In addition, digital roulette tends to offer faster gameplay, since you can just click to spin and re-spin again in a fraction of a second.

If you follow these essential online roulette tips for beginners, you can arrive at the table fully prepared. When you’re prepared, you can bet strategically and hope to get luky.


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