Exclusive Interview with Leon Marchand's Father Xavier

Leon Merchant competes in the final of the 200-meter medley at the World Championships in Budapest (Hungary) on Wednesday evening. The 20-year-old from Toulouse won gold medals in the 400m medley last night and silver in the 200m butterfly and is at good speed. Tonight we met his father Xavier Marcant, who is confident.

Question: Xavier, do you want to be a little cloudy after your son’s best shows?

Xavier Markand: Yes, I enjoyed it seriously. I feel so proud, but it’s not … I can not wait to be proud of him for becoming world champion. I felt so happy and cold. With his mother, we saw him a week before the start of the World Championships and he felt relaxed, calm, calm and ready to compete well. Truth be told, I was not surprised by his performance and I hope he can build stages in Budapest. I could see him breaking the European record for the 400m medley, but to be honest he confused us in the final. Leon is within one-fourth of Michael Phelps’ legendary record. This is unusual.

Question: Chained yesterday without weakening the races. Does Leon seem to have matured in the management of his efforts?

XM: In fact, yesterday he was able to manage two big races in a row at 45 minute intervals. He first won a silver medal in the 200m butterfly final, then the semifinals in the 200m medley. Two events in which he broke his two French records by more than a second. Leon was able to heal very quickly, dealing with stress between the two races and focusing on his goals incredibly. He has already achieved this kind of performance in the Juniors, which is an international competition.

Question: He will compete in the 200m medley final at the World Championships in Budapest this Wednesday evening. What mood are you in?

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XM: I am optimistic. With what he has shown from the start of this match, I know he manages the emotional responsibility of such an encounter and he will focus on his race. In the semifinals, he exited very quickly in the first 100 meters. Then Leon made an excellent breast, which surpassed his opponents. During his last 50-meter freestyle run, he overcame his attempt to stay ahead. I think if my son also follows this racing strategy, he can get a third world medal.


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