A Swedish city wants its residents to greet each other more

Thus, the Luleå administration hopes to improve the well-being of local residents, who are known to be particularly anti-social

A campaign launched in recent days by the city of Lulea, Sweden, seeks to improve the well-being of residents by issuing a simple invitation to them:

say hello!

The phrase – which is in Swedish truly! – It is also the name of the campaign promoted by the municipality. The municipal administration really wants people to greet each other when they pass each other on the street: according to the municipality “Saying hello puts people at ease and makes them feel safe. “It’s something we can all do to make Luleå a more pleasant place.” One municipal councilor said that “obviously this is not the answer to everything, but a welcome can make a big difference” to relationships between people. On the municipality’s website, the importance of relationships is emphasized The most superficial in improving the welfare of citizens.

The campaign began on October 31, on what the municipality declared “Neighbors Day,” and ended four weeks later, on November 21, when “Welcome Day” was instead declared. This period coincides with the beginning of the decline in sunlight hours: Luleå is located in the north of the country, and in the depths of winter it receives only three hours of light per day, making socializing more difficult, according to the municipality.

In fact, the citizens of Luleå, with a population of 46,000 and the second most populous city in northern Sweden, are very reserved, if not downright rude. In this regard, the Swedish edition of the site the local He said the area’s residents talk to each other so little that the word “yes” in the local version of Swedish has been replaced by “yes.” hiss It is produced by rapidly sucking in air with the mouth (but it must be said that variations of this sound are also common in other Scandinavian countries, e.g. Norway).

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