I signed your conviction

The Ukrainian president, in his video message posted during the night, talks about the situation in Kherson where the Russians are preparing for a referendum to declare a people’s republic: “Bribery and puppet governments, as in Donbass. But normal life is impossible under the Russians.”

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it’s a Volodymyr Zelensky Cruel and threatening to the person addressed to the Ukrainians in a video message posted on his social channels on the eve of the 18th day of fighting in Ukraine. The Ukrainian president takes it out, especially with collaborators, while tempting the Ukrainians to deal with the invaders: “You have signed your punishment – he tells you to turn to them – the invaders and collaborators should know that we will not forget them. Ukraine will find you and try you, sooner or later, in any way possible.”

Zelensky’s warning is actually a warning addressed to the Ukrainian deputies of the Kherson region، Russia will prepare for a referendum with the aim of creating a “people’s republic” Such as those created in 2014 and 2015 in Donetsk and Luhansk provinces that were recognized by Russian President Vladimir Putin in his famous message that began the invasion of Ukraine.

What is happening in Kherson

Yesterday, in fact, the news reported by various local media carried the statements of Serhiy Khelan, deputy of the Kherson regional government and a former member of the Verkhovna Rada, in which he came The Russians “call the deputies of the Kherson Regional Council and ask if they are ready to cooperate.” This is an accusation that Zelensky re-launched in his video: “The invaders in Kherson want to repeat what they have already done elsewhere: puppet governments and bribes.” Also yesterday, a journalist from Kherson, Konstantin Ryzenko, told Radio Svoboda that Russian security forces are searching for and arresting activists, journalists and former military personnel And everyone who does not hide his pro-Ukrainian position.

Zelensky: “The Russians are unable to manage a normal life”

Zelensky’s invitation to Kherson citizens and politicians does not take this hypothesis into account: “When the Russians invade a country, normal life becomes impossible – explains the Russian president – the people who flee Russia are businessmen, IT professionals, artists who want to express their creativity, people who want to live a normal life. Brains are leaving Russia. The Russians cannot conquer us, they do not have this power. They only have weapons, but they are not able to conduct a normal life.”


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