A new withdrawal method, goodbye to the old ATM: today it works like this

Will the old ATM be retired? Not really, but something has, in fact, changed forever more than something.

A historical novelty, something that would change the habits of Italians forever, can be defined as, in part, it has already happened. A gradual process leading to new situationsregarding cash withdrawal. We are not just talking about methods but about real context. In fact, everything changes, starting with the instruments used for sampling. It may sound silly but in many cases, today, a health card may be required.

Health card withdrawal – today’s information

In short, nothing will be the same as before, a new service, a new opportunity for the citizens who will go to it Habits completely changeroads and so on. In short, nothing responds to the previous reasoning regarding this specific context.

The new process we are going to talk about, the new way to actually withdraw money It’s been in the works for a while now This applies, in particular, to holders of current accounts in some banks. In fact, not all credit institutions are “inside” this new logic.

In fact, current account holders will benefit from this new specific treatment in the following banks:

Very innovative service One can also say the simplification made possible by Circle Money, formerly known as SisalPay. All this is made possible thanks to the collaboration with the Intesa SanPaolo Group. The essence of the new service is that current account holders can withdraw cash without using an ATM.

A new way to withdraw, say goodbye to the old ATM: how to get money with the health card

To access this particular service, so it will be necessary Find an enabled muni point in the region. All this would be possible using the app specified for the circuit or alternatively the Mooney.it website. In principle, these points include tobacconists, taverns and newsagents.

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At this point it will be possible to check the feasibility of the whole taking into account the information previously provided. Find out if your debit card is enabled for that service. BancoCard, XME Card Plus, Carta Insieme Debito, Carta Debit and Carta Debit Plus, these are the cards that are currently enabled.

At this point, thanks to the health card, it will be possible to make the withdrawal in question. The maximum amount that can be withdrawn is 250€ and the minimum is 25€. The service can be accessed through the circuits Maestro, MasterCard, Visa and Visa Electron.

For the tax involved there is a 1.50 euro fee For every single transaction until December 31, 2023. This commission will increase to 2.00 EUR as of January 1, 2024. In general we are talking about a completely innovative system that somehow provides several advantages for itself account holders.

How many times have we read about closing branches and forcing citizens to go and collect money from other municipalities? With this type of service, everything will be much simpler and more manageable. In short, the future leads us towards new approaches and new uses for specific tools. Today the health card, tomorrow you will probably need a lot less to withdraw cash.


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