Trump, fourth indictment looms over the former president (and he is flying in the polls) –

B.C.E.Hat do I need to be sure of my re-election? Fourth indictment. Said and done: From Tuesday, every moment will be good Fourth indictment of Donald Trump.. In fact, Georgia prosecutors subpoenaed the witnesses who were called to file Grand juries The elements that decide whether the former president should be prosecuted in this southern state for attempts to change the results of the 2020 presidential election in his favour.

The words Trump spoke after the third indictment, the federal one that hinged on Washington, seem to be Gascon’s, as they are, moreover, in character: he can only fear the “indictment” that this time May indicate more serious violations of the law – Anti-extortion rules – with much heavier prison sentences. What’s more is that although potential federal convictions may be “pardoned” by Trump himself once elected (or overlooked by another president), Sentences issued at the state level do not fall within the White House’s pardon powers: Donald is therefore at risk of lawsuits filed in New York (for financial and tax offenses of limited significance) and in Georgia, while the indictment in Florida is still based on federal impeachment proceedings.

However, these words of Trump, however brazen, contain their truth, at least as far as an invasion is concerned nominations Republican in the November 2024 presidential election: Polls so far have indicated continued growth in support for Trump With the intensification of judicial aggression against him. A spokesman for the former president, Stephen Cheung, explains why with disarming candor, always making sure to provide maximum clarity to reporters about the leader’s movements when called to court: “Anyone interested in knowing what the other candidates are doing? I don’t think so, there is no oxygen left for others ». An anonymous election strategist for one of Trump’s Republican opponents confirms, forlornly, Al The New York TimesWhich investigates with four of his best signatures on why impeachment decisions fly the former president’s approval: “For us, these judicial affairs of Trump are like a permanent eclipse of the sun.”

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The latest and amazing test arrived on Saturday, DrDuring the traditional Iowa State Fair: the Des Moines Agricultural Show which turns every 4 years, in mid-August, into the stage on which all Republican candidates hold a public rehearsal for the challenge, which, less than six months later, will open the primary season. early morning governor of florida, Ron DeSantisthe most dependable of Trump’s rivals, appeared with his wife and children among the stands, but while trying to win the sympathy of the crowd he also put himself, according to tradition, on the grill to roast hamburgers and pork chops from the crowd and chants began to rise: “We want Trump” and “We love Trump”.

A few minutes later, the crowd that went to listen to the Republican candidates, from Mike Pence to Nikki Haley, at different points in the exhibit, they stop to follow them: all with noses up to see Trump’s Boeing flying in a circle over the exhibit. While the other candidates roamed the booths all day, cooking, interviewing, answering voters, while the youngest, Vivek Ramaswamy, improvised a musical performance singing Eminem’s rap tunes, Donald was limited to “touch and go.”Landing, a short rally, a few jokes, then flying again less than two hours later, avoiding scheduled interviews and meetings.

almost He would need the Boeing to arrive in Atlanta for the fourth procedure Criminal: arrest, charge, and release pending trial. Always with the campaign managers committed to giving maximum clarity to an event which would embarrass him and subject him to public reprimand and which, instead, glorify him: even before the audacity was consciousness – as evidenced by opinion polls and also confirmed by follow-up investigation times – 80% of Republicans consider all allegations against Trump to be politically motivated.

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