MacBook Air: New Dual USB-C Charger and Color-Coordinating Cables

Along with Apple’s new MacBook Air, the accessories that came with the notebook were also introduced. In addition to the new charger with two connectors, there are now color-coordinated MagSafe cables for the first time. Both can also be purchased separately.

There has been speculation about the new charger for months after Apple accidentally put a support document online too soon. The expected start to sales was to come for a long time. With MacBook Air in the basic configuration, it is available for an additional cost of 20 euros – a 30W adapter is usually included here. A new charging connector is included in the more expensive model with 10 GPU cores and can optionally be replaced with a 67W adapter for faster charging at no additional charge. The charging plug can be purchased individually for 65 euros. It’s Apple’s first 2-port charging adapter.

Apple will provide new MacBook Air buyers with MagSafe charging cables that match the color of the computer. These are also available individually in Polar Star, Midnight, Silver and Astro Gray for €55 each. MacBook Pro buyers will continue to receive the standard 2-meter cable in white. But you can also buy the not-too-cheap cable in a different color afterwards. MagSafe 3 was introduced by Apple in October 2021 after replacing USB-C with the magnetic power connector on earlier devices. Apparently, Apple was reacting to a frequently heard user request, as the magnetic connection could prevent the notebook from falling to the ground if it tripped over the charging cable.

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Incidentally, according to 9to5Mac, the new MacBook is 11.3mm thick, which is touch thinner than the first iPhone (11.6mm) and even a millimeter thinner than the next two, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS.

Apple continues to rely on Thunderbolt 3 in the MacBook Air, although previous new versions – the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro and Mac Studio – are already equipped with Thunderbolt 4. Unlike its predecessor, Thunderbolt 4 supports 32 instead of 16 Gb / s and a port The standard width is 1.4 instead of 1.2.

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