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Elden Ring was officially released and the game quickly climbed to the top of the Steam charts within moments of its release. As we all expect by now, there are some issues that still need to be resolved, but there is one specific issue with using a controller. Some PC players have trouble getting their consoles to work in Elden Ring on Steam, but fortunately, there are a few things you can try that usually fix the problem.

How to fix Elden Ring Controller not working on PC

There are two main reasons why a console with Elden Ring won’t work on your PC:

  1. Xbox console configuration is not enabled on Steam
  2. Incorrect controller settings for Elden Ring

Xbox console configuration is not enabled on Steam

Start Steam and connect the controller to your computer. If you are using a standard wired controller, connect it to a working USB port. Bluetooth controller users will need to pair their device with the dongle or receiver. After launching Steam, click View in the top menu and click Big Picture Mode.

Elden Ring Controller Not Working on PC - How to Fix - Big Picture in Steam Mode

The Big Picture Mode version of Steam will open on your computer. In Big Picture mode, tap the gear icon at the top right to open Settings. In the Settings menu, tap Controller Settings. Make sure the box that says Xbox Configuration Support is checked.

Elden Ring Controller Not Working on PC - How to Fix - Steam Mode Controller Settings for Big Picture

You should also see your console in the list of detected consoles. At the bottom of the controller settings screen. If you do, then you can now use your console to play games on Steam! You may need to restart Steam and possibly your entire computer after enabling this setting.

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Incorrect controller settings for Elden Ring

Another thing you can try is to change the controller settings specifically for the Elden Ring. To do this, launch Steam and go to your library. Right click on Elden Ring and go to properties. Go to the Console tab, then from the dropdown menu under Replace Elden Ring, select Activate steam input.

Elden Ring Controller Not Working - Controller Settings

You should see your console under the Steam entry status list. Once this is set, you may need to restart Steam and then reopen Elden Ring. Your console should now work properly.

If neither of these fixes work for you, the best thing to do is to try plugging your console into a different port. You’ll want to make sure the console works with other games. If this is the case and your console does not work specifically with the Elden Ring, there is likely to be an issue that needs to be fixed.

You can contact Elden Ring support via the Bandai Namco website here.


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