Creativity has completed its most complex journey yet on the surface of Mars, breaking all its records |  Technique

The helicopter cleverness NASA has completed its ninth flight on Mars, the most complex to date.

As detailed before Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) from NASA via social media, The spacecraft flew for 166.4 seconds at a speed of 5 m/s. It was planned to cover 625 meters.

In this way, the tiny drone broke records of its speed, distance and flight time.

It should be noted that this mission was not exempt from complications, because she made a small, scheduled turn that was challenging.

And this is although the creation is designed to fly over flat terrain, when making the shortcut I crossed a mountainous region of intermediate area, which could cause problems.

In turn, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory stated that this small deviation presents a challenge to the navigation algorithm.

from the space agency indicated that they are willing to take this risk since “cleverness It’s ready for the challenge, based on the strength and durability demonstrated in our travels thus far.”

“Since Ingenuity’s historic first flight on April 19, during which it flew approximately 10 feet above the surface of Mars for 30 seconds, we have progressively expanded the capabilities of the helicopter by flying farther, faster, and more powerfully.” Referred to by NASA Before this ninth flight.

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Color images captured by Ingenuity while flying over the city’s ripples are expected to be released soon. intermediate area.


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