Microsoft Flight Simulator est disponible sur Xbox Series X et S.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Heaven opened to many computer players Ago August 2020. In the same year, the game’s console release for the summer of 2021 was announced on the official website. the flight simulator And so it landed on Xbox Series X et S the July 27.

Microsoft Flight Simulator It is the result of cooperation between Microsoft And Asobo . studio. When the PC version was launched, the game won its place among the greedy. For developers, make it available at Xbox Series X et S It was a huge challenge. However, this challenge has been met. In fact, the simulator was recently launched on consoles and now it is Available On Xbox Game Pass.

product Microsoft Flight Simulator About the Xbox Series

To all budding pilots, Microsoft Flight Simulator It provides the most realistic experience. In fact, the simulation does more than reproduce the appearance and handling of aircraft. The game presents a representation of Earth’s surface at a scale of 1: 1 With a lot of details.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is available on Xbox Series X and S.

The first to benefit from Microsoft Flight Simulator They were computer users. However, those on X-Box String can also be played Since July 27. To enable these consoles to launch the game, the developers have so far this is the last.

Moreover, the PC version flight simulator met some problems . level experimental planes. These problems in particular made it very difficult to take off or handle the aircraft. To correct this, the developers recently added New features for flight simulation. These developments aim toimprove grip and the player fun.

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Ease of access and maneuverability within everyone’s reach

Among the developments “Journey of Discovery” It allows you to discover the world and its wonders from the sky. Then “Flight Training” It provides the possibility to learn to fly aircraft better. This training covers in particular the basics of flight, basic handling and piloting of aircraft.

The console version of Microsoft Flight Simulator is available on Xbox Game Pass.

Moreover, the developers have thought of bringing IA . Help Options. Note that there Different levels of help, ranging from complete help to no help. The player can even customize this option according to his needs. With this function, the pilot can for example choose a destination to receive the direction to follow. For the less skilled, AI can go as far as to take full charge of landing the plane.

Microsoft Flight Simulator to explore the world

Microsoft Flight Simulator Allows users to travel with different planes. Pilots can put their skills to the test while flying with the forces of nature, such as the weather. All this takes place in a dynamic and realistic world.

Microsoft Flight Simulator presents a very detailed landscape.

In order to achieve the degree of realism of the game, the developers themselves have relied on Bing Maps satellite data. Thanks to this information, the simulation provides Stunning details. The landscape and relief as well as the flora and fauna have been faithfully reproduced. To all this are added 1.5 billion constructions, two million cities and 37,000 airports in the world.


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