Hotels and Holidays are close to the corner, so don’t use the typical horns with lights that make the sound bad, LG presented the new LG XBOOM 360.

This new device incorporates LG’s original patented omnidirectional sound, three lighting modes, and of course a stylish design that integrates with any part of your home.

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Features of LG XBOOM 360

Photo: LG

It often happens that the sound is distorted depending on the angle you are from the speaker, with the new LG XBOOM 360 You’ve got this covered, as LG has developed its own technology that delivers an omni-directional audio experience.

design LG XBOOM 360Not only is it super stylish, it has a reason for being: This cylindrical design was developed to eliminate the shock points typically found on traditional 360 speakers.

Photo: LG

In addition, LG excels in focusing on the smallest details. The tweeter’s titanium diaphragm helps create a linear frequency for accurate reproduction in the high frequency range.

For its part, the speaker is made of fiberglass and generates dynamic sound. So you don’t have to worry about saturating the reggaeton at your parties.

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Space technology to illuminate your music

Photo: LG

The LG XBOOM 360 It has its spatial aspect, as it was designed in collaboration with the Director of the Space Research Institute and advisor to the Lighting Department of the Landscape Committee.

This means that you will not only be able to hear and scream out loud the latest Adele but also be able to accompany you with the right ambient lighting, which you can control from the XBOOM mobile app.

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With its 10+ continuous hours of battery life, you’ll choose LG XBOOM 360 As your best ally to enjoy these parties with rich and detailed sound in full 3D.

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