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Destiny 2 features some of the best visual effects, animations, and most amazing game environments. However, although it is one of the most visually appealing games, it is not without its drawbacks. One of the issues players face seems to be trying to log into the game, as many players seem to be unable to get past the login screen.

Today we will see how to solve the problem of getting stuck in the login screen of Destiny 2.

How to solve the stuck problem in Destiny 2

Earlier today, Destiny 2 servers had an issue that caused most of the Destiny 2 servers to stop. This ended up logging many players out of the game. It also denied them access to many sites where you would usually find codes to help solve this type of problem.

And according to the official Bungie Help Twitter account, that’s exactly The problem has been resolved. However, if you’re still having trouble logging in at the moment, there are a couple of things you can try in particular.

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#1 – Check the official Bungee page for updates

The first (and probably the only) thing you can do at this point is to check Bungie’s servers to see when and if the issue has been resolved. Generally, when this type of problem occurs, the problem is with the server and not the individual or the connection.

Unfortunately, that means it’s more of a waiting game than anything else. However, at the very least, returning to the official Bungie page will ensure that there is nothing else you can do to fix the problem. Or, at least, provide you with steps to solve the problem on your end. So there is no need to waste time trying to figure it out for yourself.

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#2 – Check (and reset) your internet connection

Alternatively, if you find that the problem is fixed by Bungie’s servers and you are still unable to connect to Destiny 2, the problem is likely with your Internet connection. For this, you will likely have to unplug and reset the router. You want to make sure your internet connection is stable. It may also be helpful to ensure that there are no blackouts in your area.

That’s all you need to know about how to fix the stuck problem when logging into Destiny 2. Be sure to check out more themed Destiny 2 guides, such as how to complete the Forging Quest Iron. Plus our dedicated guides section for more information on other popular game titles.


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