electronic arts And Maxis Today we reveal the group The Sims 4 carnival costumesThe latest collection of content gives players new ways to customize their Sims and the bold new look in Create a Sim to diversify their wardrobe. The Sims 4 Carnival Outfits pack will be available at February 3 On PC and Mac via Origin and Steam and on PlayStation 4, 5 and Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

The Sims collaborated with Pablo Vitar, the famous Brazilian drag queen, singer, songwriter and model to create looks that allow players to enrich Sims style and spark their creativity.

Watch the new trailer for The Sims 4 Carnival Outfits bundle that includes the Pabllo Vittar “Buzina” track in Simlish:

Exuberant, bold and shimmering, the shapes, patterns and colors of the Carnival Outfits Kit embody Pabllo’s vision of freedom and fun. This new content encourages players to celebrate one of the world’s greatest cultural celebrations with authentic clothing, makeup, and accessories for all Sims games. The flexibility of the designs allows authentic Pabllo pieces to be incorporated into any look for a luminous result. Whether players choose to dress up their Sims with dramatic cutouts, multicolored fruit designs with graphic contrasts, or embroidered tops, the possibilities to diversify their look are endless enhanced with bold makeup and colorful accessories.

The Sims franchise has long been offering players a place to express their creativity through clothing; The latest example is the New Men’s Styles Kit in collaboration with London designer Stephen Cook, as well as Fashion Street and Incheon Style kits inspired by popular fashion trends on Bombay Street at Incheon Airport.

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As part of the collaboration for the Carnival Outfits group, Pablo Vitar He was recorded with his hit song “Buzina”, a song from his second album Não Para Não. Available today in a free base game update, players can play with this fun tune and more on in-game radio stations The Sims 4. To continue the party, players can expect an update to the base game The Sims Express Delivery with Brazilian recipes and a mask in early February, then artwork that Never seen the famous contemporary artist Lano to decorate their house in March.


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