How to organise playlists on Spotify: Tips and tricks

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming apps in the world. Among the tons of songs of all genres and languages, you can also get a variety of podcasts to listen to. Users usually create different playlists based on different activities throughout the day like exercise, driving, morning run, home part, cooking, etc. Since it can be really frustrating to organize these playlists, here are the tips on how to take apart your Spotify playlists and keep them up to date.

How to organize Spotify playlists

To keep the playlists separate, you can create different folders for different categories. All you have to do is open the app on your desktop or phone, right-click on the playlist and create a folder. You can name this folder and hit send once you’re done. This way you can categorize songs based on your favorite genres, activities or podcasts.

How to update your playlist on Spotify

To update the playlist, Spotify offers a feature called “Enhance” that offers personalized suggestions to users based on their music tastes. According to the company, “This feature uses the Spotify algorithm to automatically add recommended songs to your existing music style and theme.” Notably, this feature is only available for Spotify Premium users.

How to navigate the Spotify library

To navigate through your Spotify library easily, first go to the Your Library tab at the bottom. You will then see a search bar at the top where users have the option to search for different types of tracks using the ‘Recently Played’, ‘Recently Added’, ‘Alphabetical’ or ‘Creator’ filters. They can also search for a specific track or artist.

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How to add photos to your Spotify playlist

To give your Spotify playlists a personal touch, the company gives you some customization options like adding your own cover photo. In the Spotify mobile app, tap on the three vertical dots icon next to the play button and tap Edit. You can now upload a new image of your choice. On the desktop, users can just open the playlist and click on the existing cover to update it.

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