Strike in Germany: From flights to trains, a country paralyzed by protests to demand higher wages

Germany paralyzed who imposed He hitsone of the biggest must-haves in decades Salary increases This makes it possible to reduce the erosion of purchasing power caused byeconomic inflation. to stop the staff Airports, ports, railways, bus lines and subways. The unions had called for mobilization on Friday Verdi and Eve. Only stopping flights would worry the least 380 thousand passengers. State Railway Company Deutsche Bahn Suspended (DB) All long distance trains And many regional links: “The strike cripples Deutsche Bahn said in a statement.

According to the German Railways Association evgThey will be More than 30,000 railway workers Who take part in the massive strike in Germany. “The turnout is very high,” he said. Christian lorchMember of the negotiation committee. “We’re on strike today because it’s on compromise collectiveDespite the difficult financial situation of many workers, we were not offered anything worthy Negotiation series“, he added. Strikes, that should last 24 hoursThey intend to lock down most of the country, shutting down all long-distance railways and halting most regional trains Seven from 16 German states.

They are also on strike airports Germans. Verdi union calls for an increase in 10.5% And at least 500 euros more in salary, while Evg demands a minimum raise 650 euros per month Explaining that for workers, adjustments for inflation are “A matter of survivalSo far, the employers’ associations have offered an increase of 5% with two one-off payments of €1,000 and €1,500, this year and next. There are not enough figures to compensate for real drop Wages vs inflation which remains at 8.7% (February figures).

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Some groups managed to get enough compensatory increases. staff subtracted The average monthly increases will be 11.5%, the large union of metalworkers, IG MetalI got raises by 8.5% to Almost four million of the employees he represents. To avoid shortages of supplies, Minister of Transport Volker Wissing It ordered federal states to lift restrictions on deliveries on Sunday and required airports to allow late night take-offs and landings “so that stranded passengers can reach their destinations.”

For Deutsche Bahn, on the other hand, “It’s the same overstroke And DisproportionatelyFrom which millions of workers and many companies will suffer, as well as the environment and climate protection. We asked EVG to quickly get back to a table NegotiationDeutsche Bahn will allow you to use i train tickets Flexible until April 4th, precisely because of the inconvenience caused by today’s strike.


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