Formula 1 |  Ricciardo delights in being comfortable ‘on all levels’

After two races without reaching Q3, Daniel Ricciardo finally returned to Montreal when he qualified for the Canadian Grand Prix. McLaren was happy after the F1 driver session and even though he remembers it “Ninth place only”He is satisfied with the progress shown at all levels.

“The weekend was good, everything was fine on all levels” Welcome to Australia. “We were very competitive in wet conditions and when it was drying we started to lose performance. I could not keep up with the time ahead and could have gotten a few tenths of a second.”

Ricardo hopes to be able to race again now, but be wary of comments from many drivers: “So far so good. We have some space cars in front of us, and some fast cars behind us. But that’s not my problem. I’ll look forward and try to hit some more. More points.”

“I do not know what to expect from Race. The grid is in turmoil. We have a good car. Tomorrow will be dry.

Norris misses all chances in Q2

Lando Norris suffered from an engine problem that prevented him from setting the time on Q2. The British were disappointed not to be able to fight on the drying path he wanted to face.

“They let me out, we tried. I’m not sure if the team knew exactly what the problem was. But it was on the engine side, it did not work, I did not. I did not have the power to have it, it was disconnected.” And called Norris.

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“It’s a shame because I like these conditions, they are not my best conditions, but I like them, they are the conditions under which I function best. But that’s life, I’ll try to make tomorrow better.” Britain continues about the race.

“I hope to progress on the first points on the 14th. I want to get a good start, I’m trying to be confident. We can do a lot of things, we hope we can do something good, or at least we will try to do our best. It makes life harder for us but it’s fun. Should be. “


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