Vaccination obligation, fines of up to 3,600 euros in Austria

In Austria, anyone who does not vaccinate against Covid will have to pay a fine of between 600 and 3,600 euros. This is what we read in the draft law on the obligation of vaccination presented in Parliament. This measure will take effect in February. Constitutional Affairs Minister Caroline Edstadler emphasized that once appealed, the fine could be avoided if you chose to vaccinate.

There will be exceptions to the obligation for minors 14 years of age, pregnant women, and people who have been cured for less than 180 days or who cannot be vaccinated for proven medical reasons. More than a million people are not vaccinated in Austria, Edtstadler said, “that’s a very large number.” The bill provides for a comparison every three months between the list of vaccinated people and the list of residents, in order to determine who has not been vaccinated. About 9 million people live in Austria.

There should be no problem in agreeing to the vaccination requirement, given that it is supported by four of the five parties in Parliament. The country, which is currently under lockdown, is facing a serious wave of infections also linked to an insufficient number of vaccinations. About 68% of the population is currently vaccinated. The obligation to immunize against the coronavirus must be valid for two years.

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