South Korea, a shift in the 69-hour work week: Youth protests triumph

Conservative government South Korea Reversing the decision made in recent days to bring the maximum weekly working hours from 69 to 52. To report it is guardianWhich underscores how the youth protests pushed the president Yoon Seok Yul He ordered the Seoul authorities to rethink the terms of the procedure submitted and “better communicate with the public, especially with Generation Z and Millennials». The head of state himself, of the People’s Power Party, justified the increase in working hours as a plan to increase the number of working hours. Flexibility for workers Which – with the new rules – could have had more free time than before. However, trade union protests, as well as young people who have taken to the streets, and the opposition party (the Democratic Party) believe there could be a further increase in working hours if the measure is approved in Parliament, in a country already known for its punitive work culture. Indeed, South Koreans already work much more than employees in other parts of the world, often hitting the 52-hour limit – set by the current law, approved in 2018 – per week: according to the British newspaper, they were working in average. 1,915 hours in 2021, which is 199 hours more than the average reported by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, and 566 hours more than workers in Germany.

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