Ultra-Luxury Yacht: Unknow is a thirty-four-meter boat that made even a famous bomber fall in love

Thirty-four meters of luxury: unknown He is appreciated for his choices. A thirty-four-meter yacht built at the Benetti Shipyard, offers its guests five decks where they can enjoy relaxation, water features and everything one would expect from a yacht built in the name of exquisite luxury.

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Manufactured, as noted, at the Italian shipyards Benetti, Unknow can rely on RWD’s exterior design, while the interiors were designed by New York studio Bonetti / Kozyrsky Architecture. To characterize them there are five cabins, all superbly equipped and capable of accommodating up to 10 guests. To take care of their satisfaction, there is room for seven crew members who find accommodation in four other cabins. However, for the outer parts, there are open wings that allow the bridge to extend into the sea, while still being sheltered from the waves.

Mechanization is also important: two engines guarantee a cruising speed of 10 knots and a top speed of 16 knots with a range of up to 2,700 nautical miles.

Unknown, the yacht at an amazing cost

Available for guests unknown All that is needed from a forty-meter yacht at an absolutely amazing cost. Then here is the opportunity to find relaxation and refreshment thanks to the pool at sea level. Or the gym area to keep fit, an aspect that is not secondary to those who have chosen and purchased this yacht.

Location yacht benetti It also has a classic solarium and has been customized according to the owner’s needs. All this, but it is not even correct to say it, has a cost that is not affordable for everyone. We are talking, in fact, about a value exceeding fifteen million euros. The cost, however, is in line with what this yacht guarantees that made even a famous bomber like Zlatan fall in love with him. Ibrahimovic. The Milan striker bought him and there will be a chance to show him proudly on social media. How do you blame him?

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